Maxx Associates


For international candidates, applying to graduate school presents its own set of challenges, everything from language barriers to geographical distance and cultural differences. Above all, the application itself requires an understanding of cultural nuance in areas such as overall strategy, essay construction, content balance and testing. Maxx Associates has facilitated cross-border opportunities for clients on six continents, and can help all international applicants in the following areas.

  • Understanding each MBA program’s underlying philosophy
  • Shaping application materials according to programs’ goals and mission
  • Presenting content relevant to diversity and international experience
  • Writing essays with international considerations in mind
  • Achieving authenticity, subtlety and depth in essays and online short answers
  • Deconstructing and transcending cultural idioms

Graduate schools welcome applicants from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds, but they do not always make it easy. If you are ready to meet the unique challenges facing international applicants, Maxx Associates is ready to help.