Maxx Associates


For excellence in execution on the page, Maxx Associates provides keen editorial insights into your essays, resumes and short-answer responses. To upgrade the content, style and presentation of your application, you will receive:

  • Strategies for generating appropriate content quickly
  • Suggestions for advancing and enhancing your materials
  • Alternatives to problematic responses
  • Concrete, actionable notes on all written work
  • A rationale for the editing criteria used
  • A bedrock understanding of what your words are intended to convey

The strength of Maxx Associates’ editing is a final examination of your application in its totality, addressing the overall continuity of your application from its alignment with the MBA program’s mission to its consistency across the online application fields and essays. This affords you the opportunity to address any subtle issues that have arisen and to finalize the hidden opportunities that all applications have.

While Maxx Associates is happy to coach you on as many applications as you like, our underlying goal is to teach you not only what we know, but also how to be your own editor. Therefore, while we’re editing one application (usually your toughest or most problematic), we will also give you tips, techniques and strategic insights that you can apply to other applications you might write.