Maxx Associates

Strategy Development

To equip yourself for excellence in your applications, Maxx Associates’ strategy development session is your first best step. This intensive, one-on-one discussion will:

  • Examine the mission of your prospective programs to ensure your alignment with them
  • Assess your graduate school learning goals and your career vision
  • Develop a strategic plan to build and enhance your profile
  • Address additional programs or institutions for your consideration

You will also gain an informed approach to executing on your application materials, acquiring everything you need in order to:

  • Create program-appropriate resumes
  • Write powerful, compelling, resonant essays
  • Select and guide your recommenders
  • Address your weaknesses and highlight your strengths
  • Upgrade your overall application presentation

The goal of strategy development is simple: to give you a personalized and comprehensive approach for completing each and every application. Consultations are conducted via telephone or video conferencing or, in certain circumstances, in-person. Strategy development sessions run approximately two hours in length.